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    Our mission is without leaving the path of scientific literature and the light of updated information, without compromising our professional ethics and without denying the relevance of nutrition science with other branches of science; In order to protect the health of individuals and society and to increase the quality of life, it is to ensure that individuals from all layers of society and from all parts of life have "HEALTHY NUTRITION AWARENESS" . Our vision is to create the leading and most respected healthy life and nutrition website in Turkey, which has been accepted by the public, by raising awareness of the factors affecting health and nutrition and healthy nutrition among individuals in our society. As site editors, we especially avoid giving sample menus and diets on our site due to our belief in the importance of nutrition science and our principle of not leaving ethics. Because we do not find it appropriate for individuals with different genetic makeup, age and gender, and different lifestyles, food culture, family structure and occupations, to apply the same nutrition program, considering special conditions such as illness. Because our life, our profession, the drugs we use, our culture and social structure are unique to us, just as our nutrition program is special to us. For these reasons , “Your NUTRITION PROGRAM IS LIKE YOUR FINGERPRINT, IT IS ONLY FOR YOU.”

    What to Eat ?
    The protective and healing power of foods is scientifically proven. Practical recipes while dieting, information to help you stay fit and a nutrition program according to your personal characteristics are waiting for you in the WHAT TO EAT section.
    Nutrition in Diseases

    You can read my articles about nutrition in diseases from the section of nutrition in diseases...

    Mother & Child

    You can read my nutrition and development articles about mother and child in the mother and child section...


    You can see my Main Meal - Snack - Sportsman - Carry and Dessert Recipes in this section...


    You can read all my health and diet related articles in the My Articles section...

    Are You Ready for a Healthy Life?
    Quick Results
    Get Fast Results with Diet and Exercise.
    Lose Weight Fast
    Lose Weight Quickly with Regular and Correct Nutrition.
    Get Healthier
    Be Healthier by Eating Better
    You can add color to your life with proper nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle changes.

    STEP 1

    • Skip your meals
    • Drink lots of water
    • Balance on the plate
    • Consume vegetables, fruits
    • Reduce salt consumption
    • Reduce refined sugar consumption
    • Read packaged food labels

    Step 2

    • Use stairs instead of elevator
    • Prefer walking short distances
    • Create opportunity for action if you work at a desk
    • Don't say you don't have time to exercise
    • Turn housework into exercise
    • Play with your kids
    • Turn on music to make exercise fun

    STEP 3

    • Learn to cope with stress
    • Pay attention to your sleep pattern
    • Take hobbies that make you happy
    • Limit tobacco consumption
    • Take care of your personal hygiene
    • Think positively
    • Limit alcohol consumption
    Frequently Asked Questions
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